World’s End State Park

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We continue a Phillip’s family tradition by camping at World’s End State Park every Memorial Day weekend.  The Phillips family began this tradition in 1970 (over 44 years).  The Davis family began camping with the Phillips family in 1988.

We try to get the same campsites each year.  The sites we get are perfect for a large group, and we take great pride in leaving the campsite as clean as we found it, or better!

Over the years the camp out has grown to 35-40 people, and we usually reserve 8-10 campsites.   The camp out is a family tradition, and people go out of their way to plan their vacations and personal commitments making the camp out a priority.


The Phillips family, led by Papa Phillips, started the Memorial Day Campout tradition in 1970.  At that time it was just Papa, John and Dave.  As the years went on, the number of people increased but the campout remained primarily a male event.  Facilities were primitive with pit toilets at the park until the early 1990’s.  The wooden box with a hole in it was eventually replaced with a more modern “Clivas Multram” composting toilets.  In 2002 the rest facilities were fully upgraded.  They are now the cleanest and perhaps nicest rest facilities I’ve ever encountered in a campground.

The Davis family started camping with Papa in 1988.  We would have started in 1987, but the weather forecast that year was so foul that Papa cancelled the camp out.  In 2003, we camped at Promised Land State Park as World’s End was mostly closed for the restroom upgrade.  The weather was awful and that campout might be remembered as the low-point in our memory.  Papa had passed away in February, and it was cold and wet the entire weekend.  It was during this campout that Dave Lindsey first suggested erecting a tarp over the fire – a practical tradition that we continue to maintain.

We love World’s End State Park, and have camped there all but one year (2003) as far as I know.

World’s End State Park

World’s End State Park is in central Pennsylvania about 20 miles from Dushore.  Its a very small campground.  The family camping area has about 90 sites.  The group camping area, on the other side of Loyalsock Creek, also has some cabins.

Some of the campsites are tent, carry-in only.  Some of them are so small that they are barely big enough for a tent, and are embedded in the side of the mountain.  The restrooms are very nice.

The Loyalsock Creek is near the campground on the other side of a state highway.  While there is a swimming area roped off with a sandy beach at the park entrance, our family always prefers to swim in the creek.  There is a huge boulder overlooking a pool to jump in, and a rock formation like a water slide.

At the top of the mountain is the Rock Garden – a collection of giant rocks that the kids enjoy climbing.  A three mile high in from route 220 is the Haystacks, a very unusual rock formation in the middle of the creek and a great place for swimming and hanging out.  There are many trails, and the kids usually take a long hike at some point during the camp out.

Canyon Vista at the top of the mountain can also be reached by car and offers a spectacular view of the valley.

For more information, go to the World’s End State Park web page.

 Directions to World’s End State Park

  • Follow U.S. Route 6 through Tunkhannock, up mile hill to the intersection of State Route (SR) 87 (24 miles)
  • Bear left onto SR-87, down the hill and past the Proctor & Gamble plant.  SR-87 turns left after crossing the Susquehanna River
  • Stay on SR-87.  SR-87 turns right at the intersection with SR-487 and then turns left at the intersection with SR-220 in the town of Dushore.  At this point SR-87 and SR-220 are one, but in about a half mile, SR-87 turns right and leaves SR-220. (40 miles).  As an alternative (and the route we usually take), stay on SR-220 and turn right at the log cabin house
  • Turn LEFT onto SR-154.  SR-154 goes through Worlds End State park.  You will pass the park office on the left.  Drive another two miles to reach the family camping area on the right side of the road.  The entrance is poorly marked and is just a dirt road.