Our Foster Children

Our Experience

Jeanne and I were foster parents for 11 years from 1998 to 2009.  Over that period we helped 45 children of various ages.  The children stayed with us anywhere from overnight to many months.  We had Ty longer than any other child at twenty-seven months – at which point we adopted him.

As you’d expect, relinquishing the children was the hardest part.  We fell in love with them and missed them very much when they left.  This was mixed with the joy we felt for the children who found adoptive parents to love them.  It was aggravated by the concern we have for the children who returned to less the ideal situations.  We’ve had some follow-up contact with the parents in some cases, but we don’t go out of our way to keep in touch.

Historical Record

We keep this as a historical record of the children we’ve helped.  It’s against the law to post pictures of our foster children.

  • Danny (7/98)
  • Spencer (1/99-5/99)
  • Jill (7/99)
  • Harley/Deryck (10/99)
  • Victoria (10/99-12/99)
  • Aaron (1/00-6/00)
  • Julie (3/00)
  • Reggie (5/00-11/00)
  • Ryanne (12/9/00-3/25/01)
  • Victoria (1/01)
  • Mary Beth (2/9/01-5/11/01)
  • Destiny (7/23/01-3/18/02)
  • Deryck (9/24/01-9/27/01)
  • Faith (11/4/01-11/9/01)
  • Jordan (11/13/01-11/29/01)
  • Cameron (01/24/02-1/28/02)
  • Khalia (1/31/02-2/08/02)
  • Ty (Shariff) (02/06/02-5/7/04)
  • Mickey (05/03/02-5/14/02)
  • Steven (5/29/02-5/30/02)
  • Faith (6/5/02-12/12/02)
  • Krystina (6/14/02-6/17/02)
  • Dystiny (6/14/02-6/17/02)
  • Lonnie (Shawn) (7/29/02-10/27/02)
  • Zaymashia (Mikayla) (01/04/03-09/12/03)
  • Isaiah (7/29/03-7/30/03)
  • Brianna (9/16/03-9/11/04)
  • LaTylea (12/03/03-5/26/04)
  • Cameron (6/7/04-7/7/04)
  • Anthony (7/17/04-7/29/04)
  • Robert (RJ) (8/5/04-09/02/04)
  • Dillon (Matthew) (09/05/04-06/14/05)
  • Nayla (10/18/04-11/19/04)
  • Emily (12/7/04-1/14/05)
  • Nyree (06/13/05-9/22/05)
  • Makiya (7/26/05-10/20/05)
  • Keara (10/28/05-3/17/06)
  • Jamill (10/28/05-3/17/06)
  • Serenity (7/5/06-8/2/06)
  • Rishiaka (8/11/06-03/07/07)
  • Yusuf (1/26/07-2/23/08)
  • Isaiah (2/14/08)
  • Knowledge (4/15/08-07/15/08)
  • Keegan (12/30/08 – 5/1/09)
  • Benjamin (3/12/09 – 7/27/09)

Each of our foster children is special, but some really stand out in our memories for one reason or another.

Foster Child

What we will remember

Spencer Very difficult when he left.  We stayed in touch for about a year afterwards.  As our first he will always be remembered.
Jill Jill was 6 years old.  We took her camping with us.  Jill was very eager to please.
Harley “O” face.  He didn’t like being in the car and cried at the top of his lungs all the way to the Delaware Valley football game (1 hour each way).  Harley was adopted by a terrific family and we were able to get to know them a little bit before Harley joined them.  They sent us a family picture on his following birthday.On 8/14/06, Deryck (Harley) came for a visit.  Now eight years old and a terrific kid, he was delighted to meet his foster siblings and delighted us by reproducing the “O” face.  Apparently his dislike of car seats that we felt on the trip to the football game had deep roots and involved a lot of work by his new family to resolve. 
Victoria Victoria came to us with a broken leg.  She had difficulty controlling her eye movements, but had a wonderful smile.
Aaron (June, 2000) Aaron was a real gem.  He taught us how to do the Captain Feathersword “Quack Quack” song.  He and Gregory were very close and Greg still talks about him and misses him very much.  This one will be in our hearts forever.
Reggie Reggie had a tuft of curly hair right on top of his head.  He looked a little like Mr. T.  Debi really fell in love with Reggie.
Faith Faith was a “premie”.  She was over a month old when we got her and only weighed 4 pounds!
Destiny Always smiling and a terrific disposition. Destiny was with us for nearly 8 months.  She had a smile that could brighten anyone’s day – and often did.  She got a smile from the most dour of strangers.  She went to so many football games that “touchdown” replaced the standard “how big is…so big” routine.  She started to learn Captain Feathersword and danced to the Wiggles.  What a joy!
Ty (Shariff) Ty (Shariff) came to us when he was 4 days old.  He had a cleft palette and required special bottles for feedings.  Later, the cleft palette was surgically closed and healed nicely.  We often called him “Omar”.  Aunt Toni fell in love with him, and often came to the house just to spend some time or put him to bed.  He has the most beautiful eyes and a bright, easy smile.  On July 31, 2003 (our wedding anniversary) we make a decision to move towards adopting Ty.  The adoption was official in May of 2004.
Faith Faith came to us when she was three years old.  She looks a lot like Shirley Temple, with the curly hair, the bright smile, and those wonderful dimples.Faith returned to her mother.  Unfortunately her mother was killed in a police shootout following a robbery.  Faith now resides with family and is doing wonderfully.Its been several years now since we had Faith in the house, and it still brings us great joy to remember her.  We miss her greatly.
Zaymashia Zia came to us at three months old.  She already had the cutest pierced ears.  A wonderful disposition and easy smile.  She’s fallen in love with Ty, and he makes her laugh – great big laughs!  She is the most alert, inquisitive, and strongest baby for her age.Zia was adopted by a wonderful loving extended family.  They send us pictures of her a couple times a year.  We miss her very much, and we’re thrilled that everything is working out so well for her. 
Yusuf Yusuf came to us shortly after birth in January 2007, and has been with us to-date.  Initially there was concern about sleep apnea, and he wore a monitor for a couple months.  As he grew his personality really came out, and he is a real joy to be with.  A couple at church have fallen in love with him, even if it is only for one hour a week.  Yusuf was adopted by a very loving family and is doing wonderfully
Knowledge and Benjamin We cared for Knowledge in 2008 and Benjamin in 2009.  They are half-brothers.  Both had the most incredible personalities and intelligence, and brought tremendous joy to our house.  Fortunately, both are supported by a terrific, loving, extended family.  We were very blessed in meeting and spending some time with the family, and we hope to continue contact.