Drum Corps

Jeanne and Mark are Drum Corps enthusiasts.  We typically go to 2 or 3 Drum Corps competitions each year and have been following Drum Corps, off and on, since the early 1970’s.

In 1990 we began attending the annual Drum Corps Associates (DCA – Senior Corps) World Championships, and attended each year’s championships from 1990 thru 2005 except for 1996.  After 2005 we stopped attending for a few years while it was in Rochester.  One year we bought tickets for a Rochester show, but ended up not going due to a bad weather forecast.  In 2015 we had a GREAT family time in Rochester with Ty, including seeing Jurasic World.

One of our favorite shows was 1997 in Allentown.  Bob Jones was a snare drummer in the Reading Buccaneers and it was very special to be able to share that experience with him.

Here is our history of seeing the World Championship

1990-1995 Scranton
1997-1999 Allentown
2000-2001 Syracuse
2002-2005 Scranton
2013 Annapolis
2015 Rochester
2016 Rochester
2017 Rochester