Christmas with the Right Family

Click the following link to get the Christmas with the Right Family game in PDF format.

Christmas with the Right Family

We always get together with as many of the family as possible for Christmas celebrations.  Over the years our traditions have evolved.  At one time we’d make the trek to Grandma Davis’s house and then to Nana and Papa Phillip’s house.  Then for many years we would have a Christmas Eve party.  Recently, especially as we’ve been going to the later church service on Christmas Eve, we have a new tradition that is working out great. 

Christmas 2008The picture at right is Christmas, 2008

We start the morning by calling the kids to come to the house while mom bakes cinnamon rolls.  When the kids arrive we open the stockings with each kid trying to guess each package.  The highlight comes with the annual Christmas boxer shorts, which everyone receives and then wears on the outside of their clothes for the rest of the day.

We have the noon meal with Beth & Pat and their family.  After the meal we play “Christmas with the Right Family”.  This has been a Davis family tradition for decades, and we continue to have fun with the kids passing around the gifts and wondering who will get the turkey baster.  For years there was always a turkey baster in the gifts. Click the link on the right to download “Christmas with the Right Family”.

We bypass the evening dinner, and have all of Jeanne’s family over for dessert and drinks.  This new tradition has become a lot of fun and is more comfortable that having two full meals.

Christmas 1996Here are two pictures of the family twelve years apart.  The second picture was taken in 1996 at Grandma Davis’ house.  The first picture above was taken in 2008 at our house.  Amazing to see the changes in the kids.

Just to remind folks of who is in the 1996 picture; front row left to right: Kelsey, Kristen, Pat, Greg, and Brad.  second row: Beth, Charlie Martinez, Elsie Kern, Grandpa and Grandma Davis.  back row: Jeanne, Amy, Scott, Eric, Matt, Brian and Mark.


One of our favorite memories was the year that young Greg, maybe 5 and perhaps the year that the picture was taken, got a bike from Santa Claus.  He looked at the bike and smiled.  Then looking beyond the bike saw the container of bubbles nearby and exclaimed “AND MORE BUBBLES”.  He was more excited about the bubbles than the bike.  This is a constant reminder of how the simple things in life are sometimes the best, and we use this retort many times during the year as a family.