Disney Trip Summary

We have quite a bit of experience going to Disney World and Universal Studies in Orlando, Florida.  We’ve also branched out to do a Disney Cruise and Disneyland in California.  This section is intended to provide some historical perspective on our experiences. We’ve experienced Disney with our kids, with our extended family of 24 people, and as a romantic getaway with just Mark and Jeanne.


DisneyWorld Disneyland Disney Cruise
Mark 22 2 1
Jeanne 19 2 1
Ty 11 1 1

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Disney Resorts

Where To Stay

In 2002 we got a great deal staying at Homewood Suites right outside Disneyworld.  This should have been terrific – a nice suite including kitchenette, a Jacuzzi, a nice pool and free breakfast every morning.  But something didn’t feel right.  While the price was terrific, we found ourselves with people who didn’t seem to share our same values.  I don’t know how else to state this – it just wasn’t comfortable.  After a few nights, we decided to call DisneyWorld to see if we could move to an onsite resort.  We cancelled the rest of our stay at the Homewood Suites and spent the remainder of the week at Port Orleans Riverside.  The difference was amazing and Port Orleans became our most favorite resort – at least up to the point that we tried another resort.  I don’t know what magic makes the in-park resorts so much more delightful, but this experience proved it yet again. Continue reading Disney Resorts

Disney Updates

I try to follow developments at Disney both as a stockholder and as a 15-visit fan. The news coming out of the D23 convention in California this weekend was very exciting and somewhat overwhelming. It looks like we will have many reasons to continue our visits.


Star Wars Hotel

This is probably the most exciting announcement.  This is a fully immersive experience.  Not only with the theming be entirely based on Star Wars, but all cast members will act like they have always lived in the Star Wars universe.  The rooms look awesome!  This will be a luxury resort.  Better start saving now.  (read more)

Disney Cruise Lines

  • Three new ships are being built to augment the current four-ship fleet (Fantasy, Dream, Wonder, Magic). We sailed on the Dream and would love to do another cruise. The new ships will sail in 2021, 2022, and 2023. (read more)


  • A new Ratatouille 4D attraction will be added to the France pavilion.  The attraction is based on the animated movie and duplicates the popular Paris-Disneyland attraction.  Opens 2021.  (read more)
  • Universe of Energy will be re-themed to Guardians of the Galaxy.  Looks like this might happen more quickly than normal since they’ve announced Universe of Energy will close on August13, 2017.  (read more)
  • A “Mission-Space” restaurant is being added next to the attraction.  (read more)
  • The 360-degree movie in the China pavilion will be upgraded.
  • Journey into the Imagination will be re-themed based on the awesome movie “Inside-Out”.  This one is just a rumor

Disney Studios

  • The last date for Great Movie Ride is August 13, 2017.  The Ride will be closed forever.  Its not clear what will be done in this space, but perhaps an expansion of Star Wars Land.
  • Art work for Star Wars Land (now called “Galaxy’s Edge”) was revealed.   Disney is continuing the process of creating immersive experiences that was started by Universal with the Harry Potter worlds.  Disney California did an amazing job with Cars Land and it looks like Galaxy’s Edge will be awesome.  (read more)
  • One of the new attractions in Galaxy’s Edge will be a ride in the Millennium Falcon

Magic Kingdom

  • A Tron light-cycle roller-coaster will be coming to the area near Space Mountain.  Initially it was reported that the roller-coaster would replace the Tommorowland Speedway.  However, the concept art shows the speedway to be intact.  The Tron roller-coaster duplicates the ride from Shanghai-Disneyland.  (read more)
  • A new theater will be added to Main Street.  This will be for live shows.  Its not yet clear where this will be constructed nor what will be impacted. (read more)


Disney is implementing an exciting new way to get around with the Disney Skyliner gondola system.  The gondolas will have stations in EPCOT,  Disney’s Studios, Caribbean Beach Resort, and Art of Animation.  (read more)

MinnieVans – DisneyWorld will offer a new Uber-type transportation option with appropriately-themed MinnieVans.


Disney Riviera Hotel will be a new Disney Vacation Club resort.