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A view from the Vista at World's End State Park
A view from the Vista at World’s End State Park

We continue a Phillip’s family tradition by camping at World’s End State Park every year.  The Phillips family began this tradition in 1970 (over 45 years).  The Davis family began camping with the Phillips family in 1988.

Our family camping experience extends back to the early 1960’s when both Jeanne and Mark’s families camped over the summer.  In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s its very likely that Jeanne’s family and Mark’s family were at the same campground at the same time and didn’t even know it, being teenagers at the time and unaware of each other’s existence.  Both families camped at Pine Haven campground near Sea Isle City, NJ usually the third week of July.

The boys also have quite a bit of Boy Scout camping training; Tying knots, splitting wood, knowing how to start a fire, cooking, and wet weather preparation have been key skills towards having a great time.

Papa Phillips and the family in 2002.
Papa Phillips and the family in 2002.

Every year we tell stories about Papa Phillips, pictured in the center of this picture in his final year camping.  Papa had very specific rules that we follow to this day.  He was quiet, until he wasn’t – and then there was either a rich nugget of wisdom, or a strict admonition in his booming voice.  He passed away in 2003, and will never be forgotten.

Papa Phillips and Papa Davis - 2002
Papa Phillips and Papa Davis – 2002

We’ve had as many as 40 family members from seven states, including Texas, Kansas, Virginia, and Maryland come on our family camp out.

2015 MDC
2015 Family Campout