Broadway Plays

LionKingWe’ve seen a few Broadway Plays, both on Broadway and off Broadway.  We have seen some amazing productions.  Some of our favorites, like Les Mis, Lion King, and Hairspray, we can see over and over.  This is a history of what we’ve seen.

On Broadway

Year Broadway Show
1997 Jeanne, Mark and Matt see Miss Saigon as part of Matt’s senior band trip
1998 Jeanne and Mark go with Mike and Lisa Kondash to see Beauty and the Beast
2000 Jeanne and Mark take Kelsey, Greg, Debi and Dan to see Les Miserables
2001 Jeanne, Mark, Kelsey and Greg see The Lion King
2004 Jeanne, Mark, Kelsey and Greg see Mama Mia
2010 Jeanne, Mark, Kelsey, Greg and Ty see The Lion King
2011 The Lion King
Davis’ – Jeanne, Mark, Kelsey, Greg and Ty see The Lion King
Young’s – Diane, Allison, Erika

Off Broadway

Year Show Location
2002 Blue Man Group, Penn & Teller, Andre Phillipe Las Vegas
2004 Earth, Wind & Fire, Gladys Knight, and “We Will Rock You”- a Queen inspired musical.  Las Vegas
2005 Mystique, and a tremendous improvisational show starring Wayne Brady.  Las Vegas
2006 Ray Romano (hilarious), and Celine Dion (incredible voice) Las Vegas
2007 Hairspray Scranton Broadway Theatre
2012 TheoHairspray – Toni Jones’ Godson Theo Lenciki was in this production.  It was awesome. Lancaster Broadway Theatre
unkn Rent, Les Miserables, Peter Pan, Sound of Music, Scranton Broadway Theatre