2019 DisneyWorld Trip

Who went:

  • Mark, Jeanne
  • Eric, Johanna

Month of Trip: February
Where we stayed:  Boardwalk
Where we ate: Marrakesh, Brown Derby, Tiffins, Flying Fish

Eric and Jo were a terrific help during Mom’s incident at EPCOT. Mark was a basket case.

We enjoyed a wonderful “adult” trip with Eric and Jo.  It was relaxing and a huge amount of fun.  Everything about the trip was terrific.  However, it didn’t start out that way.  We landed at about 4:30 pm and met Eric/Jo for dinner at Marrakesh.  Then we saw Illuminations for one of its final performances.  As the show ended Jeanne was feeling like she might faint.  We were able to get her to the ground safely.  A Disney employee magically appeared (they do that) and stayed with us until the paramedics arrived.  During this time Jeanne had roughly seven incidents of becoming unresponsive.  We took the ambulance to the hospital in Celebration (we were there with Ty in 2004) where they did a number of tests, including a CatScan looking for signs of stroke.  All tests came back negative, so we don’t have any clue on what caused the episodes.  Jeanne was fine for the remainder of the trip and she has no memory of that timeframe.

Disney was awesome as always.  Disney paid for our taxi ride back to the Boardwalk resort.  They also got in touch with Eric to let him know what was going on.  The next day they called to check on us and said they’d be happy to get us Fastpasses or do anything to help us get our vacation back on track.  Disney is terrific!!!

We follow TimTracker on YouTube. He does fantastic videos of Disney, Universal and other parks in Florida. Mark bought a tee-shirt from the TimTracker online store in the hopes of running into Tim in the parks and getting a selfie. We apparently just missed him since he was filming in the park and was just an hour or two ahead of us. Mark’s TimTracker shirt uses one of Tim’s favorite sayings “Holy Macaroni”.

We also met a couple of TimTracker fans at the Abracadabar. Eric just happened to stop the couple to ask about their tee-shirts and they were wearing TimTracker shirts.

Other memories of the trip:

  • This was Jo’s first trip to Disney and it was delightful to watch her reactions. Her first ride on Star Tours, the parade, Fantasmic, It’s a Bug’s Life, the animals carved into the Tree of Life, and especially Flight of Passage elicited expressions of delight and awe. And she reminded us to look at the beauty around us, especially in Animal Kingdom.
  • We played the phone version of “Head’s Up” to pass the time during the 2-hour wait for Navi River Journey. Shortly there were dozens of people playing the game. It wasn’t long before the couple behind us was playing along with us.
  • Mark was obsessed with pointing out the light fixtures where ever we went. Each fixture is unique to fit into the theming of the area. What boggles my mind is what they must do to be able to replace broken fixtures. They must have detailed specifications and suppliers that will manufacture parts as needed. Next time I’m going to take pictures of every fixture.
  • We all love Flight of Passage. It is the best ride ever! We almost missed our FastPass window for our first ride. Fortunately, the ride had been down for some time and they let us on even though we were significantly later than the window. At that point there was a six-hour wait for standby, so thank goodness we had a FastPass. Jo and Eric were able to get on it the next evening with only a two-hour wait.
  • Eric, Jo, and Mark spent a terrific late evening at JellyRolls, a piano bar at Boardwalk. They have dueling pianos. The pianists take requests and everyone in the bar sings along to the songs. It was tremendous fun.
  • The parks were very crowded due to the President’s Day holiday weekend. However, I never felt crushed and we were able to walk normally. It was just very long waits and we were only able to do a few attractions each day. This was fine since we were doing a more relaxed trip.
  • On our way home Mark and Jeanne’s flight from Charlotte to Scranton gets canceled due to bad weather. We end up getting on a flight to Philadelphia and then driving home. We got in at about 2:30 am.
  • By the end of the trip I had clocked 36.8 miles of walking.

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