2016 Beach Trip Planning

Contingent Sea will be our "Main" house.
Contingent Sea will be our “Main” house.

For a variety of reasons our plan for North Carolina didn’t work out. Maybe some other time.

Our plan is to go to Sandbridge once again.  The two houses are Contingent Sea and Shore Perfection.  Neither of them is on the beach side and they are separated by two houses, but plenty close enough to both the beach and each other that we expect the normal fun family time together.

There were a number of people who collaborated to find what we think is good balance of affordability for the families who are just starting out and the luxury we all crave.

Check out the great pool at Shore Perfection! Awesome!
Check out the great pool at Shore Perfection! Awesome!

$930 deposit is due immediately.  Let us know which house you’d prefer.  We’ll post the normal cost sheet once we know the bedroom situation.

You can submit Paypal payments to mdavisus@comcast.net or PopMoney to 570-815-6960.

Here is who we think is going at this point:

  • Sue & Byron
  • Mark & Jeanne, Ty
  • John & Jeri, Jenna, Justin
  • Dave, Bev, Martha, Margarette, Clara
  • Patti, Reilly, Amira, Zoey 
  • Beth & Tom
  • Di & Rikki, Ali, Erika
  • Debi, Haileigh, Keiran
  • Matt & Stacy, Xander, Lena
  • Brian & Susie, Jess, Lily, Gabby, Josh
  • Kelsey and maybe Chris




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