2015 Memorial Day Camp Out

Planning is underway up for the 2015 45th annual Phillips Family Memorial Day Camping Trip at World’s End State Park.  Camp out dates are Thursday, May 21st through Monday, May 25th, 2015.


The chart below shows the plan for this year. Green shading indicates that you’ve confirmed when you will be at camp.  Blue shading indicates that payment has been received.   Please email me to reserve your place.  I’ll be releasing unreserved sites in mid-April.   Patience: The table below takes a long time to load. 

Site Assignments

I’ve moved some folks around to accommodate equipment and pet requirements.  Sites 15-19 are near the road, 37-40 are across the street, and 20-23 are by the restrooms.

The chart above shows the site you’ve been assigned to and the cost.  In some cases you need to pay for extra nights just to reserve the site.  While we can change the reservations once we are sure of people’s schedules, there is a $10 fee to change the reservations.

Because we are required to have each site in a different name, we just use any name for any site in doing the reservations.  The name on the site reservation is different from the people who will actually be using the site in most cases.  They haven’t checked this in the past, so its not an issue.

Site assignments are based on equipment.  Mark, John, Brian and Patty are planning to use their popups with electric and were assigned these sites.


Cost for 2015

Payments are due by May 10th, 2015.

Breakfast $4
Lunch $5
Dinner $8
Total $17

Kids under 12 are half price.

2 thoughts on “2015 Memorial Day Camp Out”

  1. Really looking forward to camping this year. Looking at my numbers I am not sure it you remembered to add Lou and Gina for Friday Lunch and Diner. Either way let me know. Thanks so much for all you do to making camping an amazing tradition for me and my kiddos. Luv U.

  2. I included Lou and Gina.

    Now that I’ve got the camper set up I’m getting excited!!!!

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