2011 December Disney Trip

Who went:

  • Davis – Mark, Jeanne, Kelsey, and Ty
  • Davis – Matt, Stacy & Xander

    Month of Trip: December
    Where we stayed: Animal Kingdom Lodge
    Where we ate: Canada and Morocco in EPCOT, Hollywood and Vine at Disney Studios, Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge

  • This trip was very very relaxing.  Each day Ty and Dad would begin the day at the pool.  Ty would swim and Dad would read or catch up on work email.  We got a leisurely start to the day, and would meet Matt, Stacy and Xander at one of the parks late morning.

  • Kelsey and Ty at one of the shows at SeaWorld
    Kelsey and Ty at one of the shows at SeaWorld

    In addition to Disney, we did SeaWorld and the two Universal Parks.  SeaWorld has really upgraded their shows and we were especially impressed with the dolphin show.  They incorporated water effects, some aerial ballet work, and high diving with an extremely well done musical score to create a truly magical show.  It was very well done.


  • Harry Potter World
    Harry Potter World

    At Universal Islands of Adventure, we got to see Harry Potter world for the first time.  Very well done.  Ty did all the rides, basically by himself.




  • Ty does this twice by himself
    Ty does this twice by himself

    At Universal Studios Kelsey, Ty and Dad got in line for The Rocket – a new awesome roller-coaster.  Unfortunately, Mark and Kelsey got in the wrong line and the safety restraints wouldn’t close around our large bodies and we had to get back in line.  Ty stayed on and did the coaster by himself.  The coaster was the wildest ride I’ve ever experienced -yet Ty did it twice more by himself.  He is incredible.

  • We have a wonderful dinner at Canada in EPCOT.  The food was just outstanding, and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Kelsey got a very nice “Ice Wine Flight” which is a set of three different sweet wines.  The total cost of the meal was significant, but well worth it.

  • Our stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge was outstanding.  The food was wonderful, the rooms were wonderful, and the service was outstanding.



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