2008 Disney Trip

Who went:

  • Davis – Mark, Jeanne, Kelsey, Greg and Ty
  • Davis – Matt and Stacy
  • Berkowitz – Byron and Sue
  • Phillips – John, Jeri, Jenna and Justin
  • Phillips – Dave, Beverly, Martha, Margarette, Clara, Carol, Lauren
  • Young – Diane, Riki, Alison, Erika

Month of Trip: December
Where we stayed: Port Orleans Riverside
Where we ate: Japan and Mexico in EPCOT, Hollywood and Vine at Disney Studios, Whispering Canyon at the Wilderness Lodge, Yak & Yetti at Animal Kingdom


  • Waiting in line is more fun with the extended family
    Waiting in line is more fun with the extended family

    We have a wonderful time with the extended family of 24 people.  Everyone seemed to have a good time and there were no issues at all.  We had pretty good weather, and people felt comfortable with going their own way when they needed to.  We ate together, and pretty much stayed together for the entire trip.  Great time and we’d love to do it again.

  • We get a call from United Airlines the night before we leave stating that our flights have been cancelled. After two hours of negotiation, we get our money refunded and Jeanne books new flights on USAirways , but leaving from Philadelphia.  We rush out the door to head for Philly.  We stay at the Courtyard Marriott in Phila.

  • Kelsey loses her necklace in the airport.  An hour later as we’re walking through the same area, mom finds the necklace.

  • Kelsey is spooked by the Egyptian guys on stilts
    Kelsey is spooked by the Egyptian guys on stilts

    At Universal Studios, Kelsey is very uncomfortable around the Egyptian guys on stilts. The one guy has fun by chasing her, and waiting for her outside the Mummy ride.

  • Mom rides a number of the roller coasters for the first time.  She does The Mummy at Universal Studios, the Rock-n-Rollercoaster at Disney Studios, and twice does Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom


  • IMG_0590We see the Osborne Family light show at Disney Studios – OUTSTANDING!






  • Greg's glasses get stomped on
    Greg’s glasses get stomped on

    While on the bus, Greg drops his sunglasses at the same time that Ty is doing some sort of jumping thing.  Without missing a beat, the glasses land on the floor of the bus and Ty lands right on top of them.



  • Don't call my girlfriend - she won't understand!
    Don’t call my girlfriend – she won’t understand!

    At the Whispering Canyon Restaurant at the Wilderness Lodge, part of the fun is the teasing that everyone gets from the servers.  Kelsey asked for a drink refill and got a huge quart container.  Someone asked for straws and we ended up with 20 straws thrown on the table.  It was lots of fun.  At one point the waitress takes Greg’s phone and calls his girlfriend to leave a message for her.  We laughed the entire time.  Unfortunately some guest must not have a sense of humor because they have since stopped doing this.

  • Licking her plate clean
    Licking her plate clean

    At the San Angel Inn at Mexico in EPCOT, we had a number of beverages.  The food was so good that Stacy decided to pick up the desert plate and lick it clean.

  • We also had a number of beverages later that night, including sparkling vodka in little plastic flutes that had a light inside making the drink glow.  We were so impressed that we had a number of them – – at $15 a pop.  Yikes!

  • Ty swims at any temperature
    Ty swims at any temperature

    It was mid-December, but nothing was going to keep Ty from swimming.  It actually wasn’t too bad, and he had a great time sliding on the slide while the rest of the family took their time at the parks.



  • Great picture of Expedition Everest
    Great picture of Expedition Everest

    I’m really very proud of this picture.  This is a picture of Expedition Everest (the roller-coaster ride) in Animal Kingdom, shot from the Finding Nemo attraction.  The dark clouds overhead, and the perspective of the nearby tree limbs make the mountain seem so real and ominous.



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