2006 Disney Trip

Who went: Mark, Jeanne, Kelsey, Greg, Ty, Matt & Stacy
Month of Trip:  April
Where we stayed:  Wyndham Palms

  • KEN - our chef at Teppanyaki in EPCOT.
    KEN – our chef at Teppanyaki in EPCOT.

    One of the delights from our 2006 was going to the Teppanyaki Restaurant in EPCOT-Japan.  The chef “Ken” was an absolute delight.  He challenged Matt to a dual for his scallops and kept grabbing them before Matt could get them.  He pretended to sprinkle Kelsey with pepper, and called her a spice girl.  He had this big belt buckle with his name on it.  We had one of the best times ever; laughing and having a raucous time.  None of the tables around us were having as much fun as we were having.  And the food was outstanding!



  • 100_1033Greg had a great time making it difficult to take his picture.  Everytime I’d go to snap a picture that included him, he’d drop his head so his face wouldn’t show.  It was frustrating, but fun.



  • Mark, Matt, Stacy, Kelsey, Greg & Ty on Kali River Rapids in Animal Kingdom, 2006
    Mark, Matt, Stacy, Kelsey, Greg & Ty on Kali River Rapids in Animal Kingdom, 2006

    While the older kids were riding Mission Space in EPCOT, Ty was playing in one of those gerbil-like playgrounds.  Well, he got stuck and Jeanne thought she’d have to climb in after him.  Fortunately we got off the ride just in time, and Greg was able to rescue Ty.   For the next couple years Ty thought that playground was the Tower of Terror.


  • While at Universal Islands Of Adventure, Matt took great pleasure is soaking guests riding on the water flume.  People thought their wet ride was over, and Matt spent about $20 shooting them with water jets.
  • 100_1018At Universal Studios they had just opened the Mummy rollercoaster ride.  Outside the attraction were two guys on stilts dressed in ancient Egyptian attire.  For some reason Kelsey was spooked by these guys.  They immediately picked up on it and started teasing her – chasing her and waiting for her as she came around the queue line to scare her.  It was hilarious to watch.
  • 100_1041We met up with the Melliands at Magic Kingdom and had a fabulous time together!






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