2004 Disney Trip

Who went: Mark, Jeanne, Kelsey, Greg, Ty; Dave & Beverly Phillips, Martha, Di & Rikki Young, Ali & Erica
Month of Trip: April
Where we stayed: Animal Kingdom and Wyndham Palms

  • DCP_1695
    Ty gets sick from the mini water park at Universal Studios

    Ty (aged 2 at the time) gets very, very sick after a visit to the kids water park in Universal Studios.  Mom spends the entire night with him in the hospital trying to get him re-hydrated.  We leave the next day, and he’s sick all the way home.

  • We have a nice savannah-view room at Animal Kingdom lodge for the first few nights.  Unfortunately the room is at the very end of the long hallway, and with Ty only being 2 and needing to be carried it was a very long walk
  • DCP_1723
    Kelsey and Greg at Universal Studios, 2004

    Universal Studios is great for teenagers.  I guess Kelsey would have been about 15 and Greg about 13.




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