2000 Disney Trip

Who went: Mark & Jeanne
Month of Trip: April
Where we stayed:  Coronodo Springs
Where we ate: Narcossi’s at the Grand Floridian

This was a romantic getaway for just Mark & Jeanne.  Oddly, we didn’t take any pictures during the trip.

  • We were walking through the Comic Book Heroes section of Islands Of Adventure.  It was later in the day near closing time, and they had a number of tables set up in the center of the street in preparation for a private party to be held after closing.  Suddenly a tremendous wind stirred up.  One of the big red table cloths flew off the one table and surrounded Mark.  It looked like a giant super-hero cape.  Because of the wind, it was very difficult to remove.
  • One of our favorite memories was going to EPCOT early in the morning and sitting on the terrace of the coffee shop that overlooked the water fountain.  We just sat their and watched people as they walked by – and it was delightful.  We talk about that experience every time we visit.  Unfortunately the coffee shop is no longer there and we miss it.
  • We met Tom and Beth Collins for dinner at the Ohana Buffet at the Polynesian Resort.
  • A special EPCOT sign was constructed around Spaceship Earth
    A special EPCOT sign was constructed around Spaceship Earth

    During 2000 and for a few years afterwards they placed this huge Mickey hand with an EPCOT sign around Spaceship Earth.  It was very impressive.  This is a random picture showing that structure.

  • Jeanne and I had just purchased a new dining room set at home, and the hutch needed some decorating.  We had a terrific time browsing through all the shops in Disney World, especially through the countries at EPCOT, and we bought many things for display in the hutch.

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