1998 Disney Trip

Who went: Mark, Jeanne, Brian, Eric, Kelsey, Greg and Ryan Corrigan
Month of Trip: April
Where we stayed: Rented a House in Kissimmee
Where we ate: Steak N’ Shake, Fort Wilderness HoopDeeDoo Review

AnimalKingdom_1We have a number of great memories from our 1998 adventure.  The boys got Turkey Legs and squatted on this rock looking every bit the cavemen.  (Unfortunately the rock is no longer there).

Other memories:

  • Life Changing Moment: The seven of us went to Typhoon Lagoon for a day of fun with the water slides and wave pool.  Later in the afternoon, we were floating around the lazy river as a family.  Greg would have just turned seven, and the oldest, Brian, would have been 18.  Mom and dad started to drift to the back of the pack and before long we couldn’t see the kids in front of us.TyphoonLagoonSuddenly a violent storm hit the park.  The staff demanded that we immediately exit the lazy river, and it was obvious that the kids were farther ahead exiting at another spot.  We became concerned – what if they began to panic?

    Jeanne started back for our base location – where we had left the towels, while Mark went forward to the next exit.  No kids.  Mark kept running (hard to believe) around the park following the lazy river thinking that perhaps they were even farther ahead than we realized.  The storm worsened, and now big chunks of hail started to fall.  None of us had realized before how much hail hurts when it hits you.  All I could think of was that by now the kids were in complete panic.  What if Brian had become separated from Greg.  What if Greg was all alone?

    I started searching each of the enclosures around the park.  Still no kids.  I made my way back to our base location hoping that Jeanne had been more successful, but still no kids.  I’ve never been so scared.

    We grabbed our stuff and headed for the lockers, and there they were – safe under the protection of a store awning.

    From that experience, each of the kids has used this story as a backdrop for a change in their perspective.  It may not seem like much, but it truly improved our overall sense of family, our perspective on safety and our caring for others.  The kids have all written papers (for the next 10 years) for school describing the event, and Mark used this during his Dale Carnegie training.

  • scan0002We rent a full house in Kissimmee with a pool inside the screened porch.  The pull out couch sits broken in the garage, so Eric sleeps on the hard floor.
  • We are on our way to dinner at the Steak ‘n Shake.  Ryan is adamant that we need to turn left, but he’s wrong and we spend the rest of the week (and beyond) reminding him that he isn’t perfect.
  • Greg is so excited about jumping into the pool, he runs right into the closed sliding-glass door.
  • Jeanne and the boys spend every night playing pinochle while Mark works on his school work.

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