1996 Disney Trip

Who went: Mark and Jeanne
Month of Trip: April
Where we stayed:  Caribbean Beach
Where we ate: Morocco, China, and Norway at EPCOT

We planned this as a romantic getaway at the end of Mark’s MetExpress involvement.  Mark had been traveling on business for almost two years, with the second year being primarily in Chicago, and a trip together was exactly the right reward for this sacrifice.

  • Jeanne Books a Trip By Herself  At one point Jeanne decided to change the flights to get a better departure time.  On the way back from Chicago, Mark just happened to ask the airline ticket agent about the upcoming trip, and it was discovered that Jeanne had only changed her flight, and not Mark’s.  There weren’t enough seats for Mark, and he had to fly standby.  This ended up working out, but we’ve always joked that Jeanne really preferred to go on the romantic getaway without Mark.
  • Doing Disney without kids proves to be delightful and relaxing.  There is nothing better than sitting on a bench watching the world go by at any of the Disney Parks.  We end up going out of our way to spend some bench time on future trips.


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