1995 Disney Trip

Who went: Mark, Jeanne, Matt, Scott, Brian, Eric, Kelsey, and Greg
Month of Trip: April
Where we stayed: WestGate Villas

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  • Scott gets a job offer.
    Scott is forever a gentleman. He kind of looks like Tom Cruise in this picture.

    While walking thru Disney Studios one of the characters approaches Scott and offers him a “job as a leading man” in a future movie.  Scott falls for it and is convinced he’s being tapped by a studio agent.

  • Matt Breaks His Leg   Matt breaks his leg just prior to the trip while doing a team building activity at Boy Scout Camp.  We tried crutches and a wheelchair, but in the end he was able to walk fine without the additional help.  He had a difficult time getting into many of the rides, but we often got into the handicapped access line to give us more time.
  • We meet Alex from Germany
    Alex from Germany
    Alex from Germany

    Over the course of the week, we end up in line with the guy in this picture.  It almost feels like he is following us from park to park.  We run into him in several different parks on different days, but we don’t introduce ourselves until the last day.  As we are leaving the park early, he climbs into the tram right behind us.  How weird is that.  We introduce ourselves and get this picture.  He’s a student from Germany visiting by himself.  As we walk to our car – he’s parked next to us!  Amazing coincidence.

  • Wonders of Life 
    Our special visit to the Wonders of Life Pavilion sponsored by MetLife.

    MetLife sponsored the Wonders of Life Pavilion, and Mark got employee passes into the special lounge area.  We were served soft drinks and relaxed in a beautiful room until we were ready for the ride.  Then they escorted us to the front of the line.  The Wonders of Life pavilion was subsequently closed in 2007.

  • Dad Gets Mad  Dad gets really frustrated when everyone wants to go back to the condo to rest instead of continuing to wait in the long lines and heat.  He takes the family to the condo, and Eric and Dad explore MGM on their own.
  • Eric at Universal
    Eric doing a movie stunt at Universal Studios
    Eric doing a movie stunt at Universal Studios

    Eric was selected to take part in one of the movie making stunts at Universal Studio.  This one had something to do with filming someone falling without having them actually fall.

  • Greg Falls Asleep  Greg falls asleep on the Ghostbusters ride in Universal and Dad has to carry him for hours.
  • Mom finished with chemo  Mom had just finished chemo – this was a real special trip for the entire family.
  • The Ark
    Six kids, two adults and 8 suitcases jammed into the Ark on a regular basis.

    Our yellow Chevy station wagon

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