1989 Disney Trip

1989 Disney World Highlights

This was our first trip to Disney as a family, and what a terrific adventure it was.

Who went: Mark, Jeanne, Matt, Scott, Brian, and Eric
Month of Trip: May
Where we stayed: FantasyWorld Villas
Where we ate: Captain Nemo’s

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  • 1989 Disney Adventure
    Papa taking the family to the airport on our first Disney Adventure.

    Mom’s First Airplane Trip This was mom’s first trip on an airplane.  We had to stop in Allentown on the way to the old Pittsburgh airport on the way to Orlando.  Being greatly bothered by heights, Jeanne was quite nervous.  The boys (ages 11, 11, 9, and 7) delighted in making fun of her by chanting “Mom’s gonna barf” at every takeoff and landing.Papa drove us to the airport.

  • Taco Bell is a Treat  We stayed at a townhouse called FantasyWorld Villas.  The first day we went to Taco Bell for dinner.  In those days, going to Taco Bell was a real special treat for our family (hard to believe, but true).  While their, a tremendous lightning storm struck – never seen anything like it.

  • Jeanne is Pregnant  Jeanne was pregnant with Kelsey, and it felt like we stopped at every restroom in every park.  Because she was pregnant, Jeanne had terrible back pain at night.  We finally dragged one of the outdoor chaise lounges into the bedroom since it provided more support.

  • Shamu soaking
    Riki taking the boys to get soaked by Shamu

    Met Di & Riki  Since they lived in Jacksonville, we met Di & Riki for a day in Sea World.  Riki was terrific – taking the boys down to the Shamu splash zone.  When we returned to the townhouse the following day, the smell from those clothes was overpowering.  Yikes!

  • Rental Car Gets Hit  We went for dinner with Di and Riki to Captain Nemo’s seafood restaurant.  When we came out, someone had hit our rental car,  buckling in the driver’s rear quarter-panel.

  • Minature Golfing
    The boys finally get to golf after days of pleading.
    The boys finally get to golf after days of pleading.

    All the boys wanted to do was to go minature golfing.  Dad’s response for the first few days was “We didn’t come 1200 miles to go minature golfing”.  They finally wore us down and we had a great time.

  • Eric Eats only Fruit & Crackers  One night we took the family to Ponderosa Steak House for their buffet.  Eric, who would have been seven at the time, came back from the buffet with a plate of fruit.  He finished that and got another full plate of fruit.  He finished that, and when he went to go up to the buffet again we suggested he get something else so that he didn’t end up with a stomachache – – so he came back with a full plate of crackers.

  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
    One of the last voyages on 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.
    One of the last voyages on 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

    Remember this attraction at Magic Kingdom?  This attraction was decommissioned in 1994, but the property remained basically untouched until 2012 when they expanded FantasyLand.

  • Grand Opening of Disney/MGM Studios   This was the opening month for the Disney MGM Studios park.  We got commemorative tickets (which we have since discarded).  The park wasn’t quite ready for prime-time.  The Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular was just running some tests, but ever time they did, Mark dragged the family into the theater to see what was happening.  This is long before Tower of Terror or Rock-n-Roller coaster were built, and there wasn’t enough to do to require a full day.  At this time, the back-lot tour required about 3 hours of time.  It include catastrophe canyon, but also had a long boring walking tour of all the sound stages that took forever.  I’m glad they eventually eliminated this tour.


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