Spotty Dog

This is Grandma Davis’ recipe for Spotty Dog, an old English/Welsh dessert.  This is massive in calories, so tread lightly.  I used to love this as a youth, but haven’t had it in decades.  I’m not sure I’d still like it.

I believe that the actual name for this dish is Spotted Dick, but knowing my mom (Betty Heiser Davis) and her mom (Harriett French Heiser) they changed the name to Spotty Dog to avoid any joking around.

By the way – you can buy canned Spotted Dick if you want to try this before making it.  I’m sure a sauce recipe can also be found online.

Spotty Dog
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Spotty Dog
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  1. Mix all ingredients together and form into a loaf shape. Roll (wrap) tightly in a clean white cloth. (Grandma sometimes would use a clean old man's hanky). Fasten in with large safety pins (including the ends).
  2. Place on rack in large dutch oven (or large oven roasting pan). Cover with boiling water and cook for 3 hours. (Try to turn it over after 2 hours).
  3. Let cool a while before removing the pins and wrapping.
  4. Serve topped lightly with sugar. Grandma sometimes made a lemon sauce to go on top but I don't have this recipe.
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