Disney Trip Summary

We have quite a bit of experience going to Disney World and Universal Studies in Orlando, Florida.  We’ve also branched out to do a Disney Cruise and Disneyland in California.  This section is intended to provide some historical perspective on our experiences. We’ve experienced Disney with our kids, with our extended family of 24 people, and as a romantic getaway with just Mark and Jeanne.


DisneyWorld Disneyland Disney Cruise
Mark 18 2 1
Jeanne 16 2 1
Ty 10 1 1

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Disney Resorts

Where To Stay

In 2002 we got a great deal staying at Homewood Suites right outside Disneyworld.  This should have been terrific – a nice suite including kitchenette, a Jacuzzi, a nice pool and free breakfast every morning.  But something didn’t feel right.  While the price was terrific, we found ourselves with people who didn’t seem to share our same values.  I don’t know how else to state this – it just wasn’t comfortable.  After a few nights we decided to call DisneyWorld to see if we could move to an onsite resort.  We cancelled the rest of our stay at the Homewood Suites and spent the remainder of the week at Port Orleans Riverside.  The difference was amazing and Port Orleans became our most favorite resort – at least up to the point that we tried another resort.  I don’t know what magic makes the in-park resorts so much more delightful, but this experience proved it yet again. Continue reading Disney Resorts

2012 DisneyLand Trip

Who Went:  Mark & Jeanne for our 25th Wedding Anniversary

Where we stayed: Grand Californian at Disneyland
and Bellagio in Las Vegas

Cars Land at Disney's California Adventure
Cars Land at Disney’s California Adventure

We didn’t take any pictures during this trip, though I wish we had.  In particular the Cars Land at Disney’s California Adventure was awesome.  It was so well done that it almost felt like you were inside the Cars Movie.

For the most part the attractions at Disneyland are very similar to the attractions at DisneyWorld, but in a very small park so everything is crammed together.  We tried to do the Materhorn, but Mark couldn’t bend his knees enough to sit in the seat, and they had to stop the ride to let us off.

Magic Ears change colors along with the World of Color show.
Magic Ears change colors along with the World of Color show.

We were amazed at Disney’s World of Color show.  The sound system was absolutely incredible.  They did a terrific job choreographing water jets, lights, music and projected images.  In DisneyLand it appears that most of the guests are local, and they all have their Magic Ear hats, which change color along with the colors of the show.  Thousands of them!!

DisneyLand is so compact that one of the exits from our hotel is inside the park itself.  The hotel was excellent.  We missed the convenience of the Magic Express in Orlando.