2018 Virginia Beach Planning

2012 Roadside: NorthStar

We need to know people’s intentions so we can start looking for houses for the 2018 beach adventure.  The time line looks something like this:

  • March: Determine who is going and how many bedrooms are needed
  • Determine potential dates
  • May: Arrange partial bedrooms by age and gender to determine total bedroom requirement.  This is the hardest part since it can have a big impact on a family’s cost.
  • June: Initial budget preparation and obtain deposits

For rough planning purposes assume that each room costs $1600 and that the required deposit will be $950. Food cost is roughly $180 per person.

Here is what we know so far.  Please let us know your intentions.

We had some confusion last year on alcohol purchases.  The rule was that people are responsible for their own alcohol and occasionally the cost got mixed in with family food expense.  I covered some of this myself, but wondering if we’d be better collecting money from drinkers and using that as a separate pool of money for alcohol.  I was thinking $35 per person, but am open to suggestions.  Part of me thinks that people who drink like a fish (like me) need to pay more than people who limit their drinking (like Byron), so maybe two prices ($35/$10)?



Virginia Beach Menu – 2016

The menu plan is still evolving – and probably will evolve even while we are getting crispy in the sun – but here is where we are as of 6/15/16.

  • SeafoodNightSaturday…………Pizza & Calzone
  • Sunday……………Seafood night.  Need to work on alternative for those not having seafood.
  • Monday………….Montreal Chicken
  • Tuesday…………Mexican Night
  • Wednesday……Smoked pork, ribs, corn on the cob
  • Thursday……….Lasagna
  • Friday…………….Leftovers



Beach Trip Summary

Beach Trips

Virginia Beach 2008
Virginia Beach 2008

We love the beach!  Here are some of our favorite trips from most recent to as far back as we can remember.

When Jeanne and Mark were young, both the Phillips and the Davis family used to enjoy beach trips, particularly camping at an inland campsite and spending the day at the beach.  We discovered that both families spent many summers at Pine Haven Campground in Sea Isle City, NJ when Jeanne and Mark were in our mid to late teenage years.  Chances are that we were camping the same week of the summer and maybe even ran into each other at the Pavilion listening to the jukebox and hanging out with the other kids.  Wouldn’t that have been interesting if we knew each other in those days.

We continue our tradition, but have moved on to less rustic accommodations.

Continue reading Beach Trip Summary

Virginia Beach 2016

Check out the great pool at Shore Perfection! Awesome!
Check out the great pool at Shore Perfection! Awesome!

Time is quickly approaching for VB2016 – our bi-annual beach trip to Sandbridge Beach, VA.  This year we have two homes on the road side providing for a less expensive trip since beach side houses have seen a lot of inflation.

We’re thinking of providing more ice water at the main house this year to reduce soda cost and consumption.  We’ve had success in doing this for MDC, so we’ll try it at the beach.  Please bring a personal water bottle.   Continue reading Virginia Beach 2016

2016 Beach Trip Planning

Contingent Sea will be our "Main" house.
Contingent Sea will be our “Main” house.

For a variety of reasons our plan for North Carolina didn’t work out. Maybe some other time.

Our plan is to go to Sandbridge once again.  The two houses are Contingent Sea and Shore Perfection.  Neither of them is on the beach side and they are separated by two houses, but plenty close enough to both the beach and each other that we expect the normal fun family time together. Continue reading 2016 Beach Trip Planning