Papa Phillips and the family in 2002.

Camping Guide

Camping Gear

Determining what personal gear to take camping can be scary for the first-time camper.  To make this a bit easier, here is a PDF of an individual checklist that you can print and use when you are packing your gear.

Individual Checklist

Now, camping is not the same thing as going to Disney World.  There is at least some expectation that you extend the use of some of your clothing more than you might normally find comfortable, and changing outfits more than once a day will definitely make you the brunt of jokes – at least in our family.

For colder weather camp outs, dressing in layers is preferred.  Adding a sweatshirt over a sweatshirt allows you to more easily control your comfort level.

The Magic

I’m not sure what magic exists at World’s End State Park, or is it just the magic of our family.  Something about creates an incredible urge that grows through the year, a longing for the peace and fellowship of sitting around the campfire that never goes out.  Whatever that magic is – I can’t wait!

The End

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