Beach Trip Summary

2007 – Jamaica

We try something different, visiting the Beaches Negril resort in Jamaica.  Jeanne, Mark, Kelsey, Greg, and Ty.  It was nice, but overall it wasn’t worth the expense.  The water park at the resort was good for Ty, and we all enjoyed the crystal clear blue water, but the food was mediocre and the overall experience was not worth the money.

  • The best food we had all week was at the Embassy Suites hotel near the Philadelphia Airport the night before our departure.
  • We had a very early morning flight out of Phila.  The hotel ran a free shuttle every half hour and we planned on taking the 5am shuttle,  When the alarm sounded, Mark pushed the family into a frenzy so we could make the 4:30am shuttle – which we flagged down as it was pulling away from the hotel. The benefit – standing in line for 30 minutes waiting for them to open the doors of the airport.
  • Greg shows a real and unexpected daredevil side when driving a jet ski for the first time.  Mark can’t keep up and returns his jet ski early.
  • Both Kelsey and Greg get to go scuba diving
  • Free alcoholic beverages beginning at 9am, in high volume, and still never a buzz – how do they do that?
  • We discover a terrific new drink – the Hummingbird
  • A little overwhelmed by the poverty
  • A little overwhelmed by the number of people trying to sell (or scam) you while sitting on the beach.  One cool part was a trio single “All Day, All Night, MaryAnn”.  It was pretty good once you got passed the missing teeth from these poor folks.  Sadly, I don’t take money to the beach and couldn’t reward their efforts.