Beach Trip Summary

Beach Trips

Virginia Beach 2008
Virginia Beach 2008

We love the beach!  Here are some of our favorite trips from most recent to as far back as we can remember.

When Jeanne and Mark were young, both the Phillips and the Davis family used to enjoy beach trips, particularly camping at an inland campsite and spending the day at the beach.  We discovered that both families spent many summers at Pine Haven Campground in Sea Isle City, NJ when Jeanne and Mark were in our mid to late teenage years.  Chances are that we were camping the same week of the summer and maybe even ran into each other at the Pavilion listening to the jukebox and hanging out with the other kids.  Wouldn’t that have been interesting if we knew each other in those days.

We continue our tradition, but have moved on to less rustic accommodations.

Virginia Beach

We started going to Virginia Beach with the extended family in 2006.  At first we stayed in a single large house on the beach with all 30 people.  Over the following years we transitioned to two houses, one on the beach and one across the road.   As prices rose over the years we transitioned to two houses on the roadside.  It seems like each trip is better than the last.



Contingent Sea will be our "Main" house.
Contingent Sea will be our “Main” house.

We stayed at Sandbridge once again, but this time both houses were road-side and were separate by a couple houses.  Being road-side didn’t matter at all, and we appreciated the lower cost.  Being separated wasn’t awful, but we would have been happier being closer together.

The houses we rented were Contingent Sea and Shore Perfection.  They were nice and there was plenty of room.

Check out the great pool at Shore Perfection! Awesome!
Check out the great pool at Shore Perfection! Awesome!

Here is who went:

  • Sue & Byron
  • Mark & Jeanne, Ty
  • John & Jeri, Jenna, Justin
  • Dave, Bev, Martha, Margarette, Clara
  • Patti, Reilly, Amira, Zoey 
  • Di & Rikki, Ali, Erika
  • Debi & Dan, Haileigh, Keiran
  • Matt & Stacy, Xander, Lena
  • Brian & Susie, Jess, Lily, Gabby, Josh
  • Kelsey and Chris


2015 Virginia Beach house

We took a smaller family vacation in 2015 with just 19 family members.  Initially we were just looking to take advantage of our trip to Fredricksburg, Virginia for Dan and Katie’s wedding.  We rented a road-side house and ended up with several family members coming with us.  It was a great time.

  1. We were expecting the walk to the beach to be less exciting than staying right on the beach, but it ended up being fine.
  2. The pool area was awesome.  Matt brought his large outdoor speaker and that made it even more enjoyable.
  3. Dave and Bev dropped Martha at Temple University on the way to the beach. This was Martha’s freshman year.
  4. On this trip:
    • Mark, Jeanne, Ty
    • Matt, Stacy, Xander, Lena
    • Brian, Susie, Jessie, Lily, Gabby, Josh
    • Dave, Beverly, Margrette, Clara
    • Kelsey and Chris


IrishBlessings 2014In 2014 the roadside house that we rented was new construction.  There was even a little anxiety that it might not be completed in time.  It was done and beautiful!  It had a wonderful pool house that had its own refrigerator and we loved having dinner by the pool.

  • Irish Blessings had a small elevator that made it easier to get groceries to the top level kitchen.
  • On this trip:
    2014 Sea Forever Beach-side house
    2014 Sea Forever Beach-side house
  1. Byron & Sue
  2. Mark & Jeanne, Kelsey, Ty, Greg
  3. John & Jeri, Jenna, Justin
  4. Dave Phillips Family
  5. Di & Rikki, Ali, Erika
  6. Matt Davis Family
  7. Jenna, Martha, Ali, Erika
  8. Brian Davis Family
  9. Dave Lindsey Family
  10. Debi Brown, Haileigh, Keiran
  11. Brian Porter & Trent Phillips


2012 - On the beach in Kingfisher
2012 – On the beach in Kingfisher

2012 was the first year we tried doing one house on the beach and one house across the road.  It worked great.

  • Kingfisher had a nice TV area with a half dozen lazyboy chairs.  The kitchen/dining room area was perfect for a large family and it had plenty to do with a ping pong table, a pool table and a small pool.
  • Beth & Tom made this a special trip by bringing fresh lobster from Maine.  Outstanding!
  • 2012 Roadside: NorthStar
    2012 Roadside: NorthStar

    John & Jeri had an incident with their back window on the trip in.  Fortunately the window replacement company came to the beach house to fix it.

  • It was Mark & Jeanne’s 25th wedding anniversary, and the kids had made a terrific video.  Sadly we left it in the DVD player when we departed.
  • We had Tee-Shirts made up with each family’s name.


2010 Grandview South, our larger beach house
2010 Grandview South, our larger beach house

This is our first year trying two houses. They were side by side on the beach. The larger house (Grandview South) was fine – nothing outstanding.  The smaller house (Dominion) was completely awful.  Nothing like the pictures.  It was very disappointing.

  • Anyone remember anything about this trip?
  • On this trip:
  1. Sue & Byron Berkowitz
  2. Mark & Jeanne Davis, Kelsey, Greg & Ty
  3. John & Jeri Phillips, Jenna, Justin
  4. Dave & Beverly Phillips, Martha, Margarette, Clara
  5. Patty & Dave Lindsey & Reilly
  6. Dianne & Riki Young, Ali, Erika
  7. Dawn & Nick (Jerri’s sister)
  8. Brian & Susie Davis, Jessica, Lillian & Gabriella
  9. Debi & Dan Brown & Haileigh
  10. Scott & Danielle Davis
  11. Jared Phillips


2008 Seaside Serenade beach house
2008 Seaside Serenade beach house

Another terrific year at the beach with 30 family members in a single house.  No one believes me when I tell them how easy and fun this is.  Everyone gets along and pitches in with preparing meals, cleanups and watching all the kids.

The house this year was fantastic, with 10 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, two pools and two hot tubs.  It was wonderful.

See Photo Album

  • Susan, a friend of Jeri’s, brings fresh fish and combined with crabs, clams, shrimp, corn on the cob, and potatoes we have an amazing feast like never before.  John then takes all the leftovers and makes the most delicious chowder I’ve ever encountered.  Just wonderful!
  • Riki beats us at poker two nights in a row.  He is incredible.
  • Dan uses a free ticket to fly in for part of the week.  Great to have him.
  • Rick, Brian, Dan and Dave Lindsey go golfing.  Its too hot and the course is too
    Jeanne and Bev soaking in the sun
    Jeanne and Bev soaking in the sun

    difficult and they return tired and a little frustrated.

  • Brian rents a surfboard and by the end of the week most of the kids are surfing (with help).  Unfortunately for Brian he is too heavy to surf and sinks the board every time.
  • Most amazing – we see millions of small fish swimming in schools at the water’s edge.  At night the larger fish come to the shallow water and the feeding frenzy begins.  The noise, the jumping fish and the churning water are amazing to behold.
  • Vandals damage the volleyball court at the house.  We call the police and file a report.
  • John takes the kids crabbing, but they appear to be content driving the boat in circles
  • On this trip:
    • Sue & Byron Berkowitz
    • Mark & Jeanne Davis, Kelsey, Greg & Ty
    • John & Jeri Phillips, Jenna & Justin
    • Dave & Beverly Phillips, Martha, Margarette, and Clara
    • Patty & Dave Lindsey, Reilly, Taylor
    • Dianne & Riki Young, Alison and Erika
    • Brian & Susie Davis, Jessica, Lillian
    • Debi Brown


2006 Beach House
2006 Beach House

Virginia Beach with the Phillip’s families (Berkowitz, John Phillips, Dave Phillips, Lindsey’s and Young’s)

This was our first beach trip with the large family and it worked great!  We had a wonderful time and it has become a family tradition.

We were thinking that we needed additional things to do during the week.

Family excursion to Busch Gardens as part of the 2006 Beach Trip
Family excursion to Busch Gardens as part of the 2006 Beach Trip

This ended up being not true.  While we really enjoyed the trip to Busch Gardens, subsequent trips have been fine just staying on the beach the entire week.

See the Photo Album