Virginia Beach Menu – 2018

The menu plan is still evolving – and probably will evolve even while we are getting crispy in the sun – but here is where we are as of 6/5/18.

New for 2018 is getting volunteers to handle the planning and cooking for each dinner.  Each volunteer can take care of just the entree, or a veggie, or a side dish, or a dessert or multiple categories.  If you want to experiment with making something for a meal just let me know and I’ll add it to the menu.  During the week we can adjust and we’ll do the final planning.  Please note that we need to make sure leftovers are used at every opportunity so that we have enough fridge space.

There are 25 adults and 9 children under 12.

Saturday Pizza, Calzone
Salad (just bagged salad for the first night)
Sunday Montreal Chicken
Roasted carrots with Morrocan spice
Roasted brocolli
Green beans
Buttered noodles
Salad bar
Mark & Jeanne
Monday Grilled Pork Loins with maple-mustard sauce
Rotini and meatballs
Salad bar
Mark and Di
Tuesday Mexican Night The Young Family
Wednesday Hamburgers, Turkey Burgers, Hot dogs, Fries John & Jeri Phillips
Thursday Smoked pork Matt
Smoker John
Friday Leftovers Everyone

We’d like to try to do more vegetables (perhaps in foil packs in the oven) and try to reduce the snacks and sweets, if possible.